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Contribute to the State of AI and Machine Learning 2020 Report

Sixth Annual Industry Survey Now Open

Our sixth annual State of AI and Machine Learning report is officially underway. The survey is now open for the top data scientists, data engineers, machine learning specialists, product and project managers, as well as executive leaders. Those who complete the survey will get early access to:
  • The 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning Report
  • Your organization’s AI Readiness score
  • The entire AI Readiness Index – a new tool that evaluates AI adoption scores across key industries
If your organization is currently looking to leverage AI and machine learning, sharing your anonymous opinions based on your experience will fuel the annual State of AI and ML report. The report has become a yearly planning pillar for thousands of organizations. It provides industry practitioners worldwide with insight across early-stage pilots to core business applications from AI leaders so that they can kickstart or advance their own AI initiatives.

About the State of AI and Machine Learning Report

This report illustrates the current state of AI and machine learning, detailing how organizations are implementing AI within their business. From the types of data that companies leverage to the tools they use and budgets they have, this report shows the differences and commonalities between line-of-business owners and technical practitioners. For readers who might be in the midst of their own AI projects, understanding the dial turns for AI success will be invaluable. We will analyze survey responses from hundreds of people across a variety of industries and company sizes. These respondents are grouped into two groups: technical and line-of-business. This report will continue to shed light on why the two groups feel differently about their company’s progress and hopefully help them to find common ground along which they can move forward. Take the survey and get early access to the report.
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